Enlist's on-target herbicide application is good for neighbors

The Enlist Duo features Colex-D technology which offers near-zero volatility. | File photo
Enlist Duo herbicide can help farmers be good neighbors when planting Enlist corn or Enlist soybeans because of the on-target application technology Enlist’s products offer, making sure the herbicide stays where it is applied and doesn’t travel to neighboring farms.

“With the volatility of Enlist Duo being so minimal, I’ll be able to spray near neighbors’ crops,” Missouri farmer Josh Turner said. “Nobody wants to damage their neighbor’s crops or affect the relationship. It’s a valuable asset to be able to control weeds throughout the field and not worry about drift issues.”

“I think it’s great we’re getting more herbicide options,” Turner’s neighbor David Cox said. “I’ve seen no ill effects on our fields from Josh’s application. We need this new technology that doesn’t drift and is effective on tough weeds.”

The Enlist Duo features Colex-D technology which offers near-zero volatility, minimized potential for physical drift, low odor and improved handling characteristics.

“Growers are carefully considering their herbicide choices,” John Chase, Enlist’s commercial leader for Dow AgroSciences, said. “They need a registered herbicide that provides a viable, real-world solution to meet their weed control needs. Enlist corn and soybean growers are seeing that Enlist Duo offers improved weed control while significantly limiting the risk of off-target movement.”

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