Project to introduce drought-resistant maize continues in Africa

A long-term project to introduce and develop genetically modified drought-resistant maize to Africa has been billed a success by one of it drivers, the biotechnology giant Monsanto. » Read More

Public confusion over genetically modified foods blamed on post truth

Joseph Perrone, chief science officer at the Center for Accountability in Science, has some thoughts on post-truth and alternative facts: He believes there is a lot of it in the “circus of public confusion” over genetically modified (GM) foods and associated weed killers. » Read More

Michigan farmers urged to speak up on EPA pesticide assessment

The Michigan Farm Bureau said the Environmental Protection Agency's recent risk assessments for 27 pesticides doesn’t reflect sound science and could mean that farmers lose access to pesticides they have been using to protect their fields. » Read More

Dairy farmer teaches about milk production with farm tours

Brenda Hastings, who grew up in the dairy farm industry, said she is passionate about educating the public concerning agriculture, and dairy production in particular, so she opened the gates to the dairy five years ago, according to an article on the American Farm Bureau Federation's website. » Read More

Dutch farmer says innovation, precision farming key to the future of food production

Dutch farmer Jasper Roubos, who runs an operation in the reclaimed flat lands close to Amsterdam, is committed to high quality seeds, crop protection and precision agriculture. » Read More

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Montana lawmakers preserve private-road rights

Proposed legislation in Montana that could have effectively turned private roads into public rights of way was squashed in committee amid the rush of last-minute legislative hearings as the state's mid-session transmittal deadline loomed. » Read More

Nevada cautions horse owners after reports of EHV-4, strangles

Nevada horse owners are being urged not to travel with their animals by the state's veterinarian following a recent outbreak of equine disease. » Read More

American Farm Bureau Federation outlines concerns at USDA forum

The American Farm Bureau Federation is calling on members to make their voices heard during the legislative season on major issues of trade and immigration. » Read More

Kansas looks for beef trade mission participants

Individuals willing to participate in a beef genetics trade mission to Costa Rica on April 23-27 are being sought by the Kansas Department of Agriculture. » Read More

American Soybean Association outlines its concerns on Farm Bill

The American Soybean Association (ASA) outlined its concerns and positions regarding upcoming farm bill negotiations at a recent in hearing before the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry in Kansas. » Read More

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