Vive Crop Protection utilizes Allosperse delivery system to launch two new products

Vive Crop Protection uses patented design of the Allosperse delivery system to offer a new fungicide and an insecticide that easily are blended with liquid fertilizers.

With the use of the Allosperse delivery system, Vive Crop Protection recently was able to release AZteroid, a fungicide, along with Bifender, an insecticide, both of which easily can be blended with liquid fertilizer.

The Allosperse technology used in the new products can be used in a variety of crops and/or active ingredients. Bifender is a broad-spectrum insecticide that controls insect pests at or below the surface of the soil for corn, soybean, cotton, potatoes and peanuts.

Growing seedlings are better protected when using AZteroid or Bifender, and a starter fertilizer. The combination gives the seedling a fast start by establishing a strong root system and nutrient uptake system, helping to maximize yield potential. 

“Use of an at-plant fungicide increases seedling growth and vigor, and leads to faster, more uniform emergence,” Tony Zatylny, Vive NAFTA crop protection vice president of business development, said. “In the past, applying fungicide and starter fertilizer simultaneously has relied on complex and expensive equipment solutions ultimately leading to inconsistent field performance. AZteroid is the first fungicide designed for direct mixing with liquid fertilizer right in the spray tank for a worry-free, consistent, high-performing application.”

AZteroid and Bifender were launched during the 2016 Commodity Classic convention and trade show, which was held March 3-5 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans.