PhytoGen introduces three new cottonseed varieties for West Texas

The seeds are designed to withstand the specific challenges of growing in the West Texas soil and climate. | File photo

Three PhytoGen varieties of cottonseed are now available especially for growers in West Texas because of their ability to withstand the specific challenges of growing in that soil and climate, including stronger storm tolerance and verticillium wilt tolerance. 

PhytoGen announced the creation of PHY 223 WRF, PHY 243 WRF and PHY 308 WRF to expand its portfolio to its largest variety ever.

“PhytoGen has long been recognized for its industry-leading yields and germplasm in many parts of the Cotton Belt,” Hank King, U.S. leader for PhytoGen cottonseed, said. “We are very excited about these newest varieties that continue to demonstrate increased yield, improvements in fiber quality and higher return on investment for West Texas growers. 

“For example, all three of these new PhytoGen brand varieties have excellent early season vigor, stress and storm tolerance. In addition to WideStrike and Roundup Ready Flex traits, these varieties have native traits that provide tolerance to verticillium wilt. Both PHY 223 WRF and PHY 243 WRF also have native resistance to bacterial blight.”

The PHY 223 WRF variety is best in dryland to moderate irrigation areas found especially in Lubbock and areas to the north. It has great storm tolerance, bacterial blight resistance, and good verticillium wilt tolerance with top of the line fiber quality.

PHY 243 WRF also offers great storm tolerance, bacterial blight resistance, and verticillium wilt tolerance along with very good yield stability. It is best planted in the same dryland areas as PHY 223 WRF.

PHY 308 WRF is the early to mid-maturing variety of the new three varieties. It is best in Dawson County and northward.

The three new releases double the PhytoGen portfolio for West Texas.

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