Bayer's Sivanto green-lighted for Japan, NAFTA region

Sivanto prime’s key role is to control neonicotinoid-resistant aphids and whiteflies.

Sivanto prime insecticide from Bayer has been trade-enabled, effective immediately, in the NAFTA region and Japan after maximum residue limits (MRL) for its active ingredient, Flupyradifurone, were established for key crops, including fruits and vegetables.

“With these MRLs in place and harmonized with the U.S. tolerances, growers who export their produce to Canada, Mexico and Japan can now include Sivanto prime in their pest management programs,” Frank Rittemann, Sivanto's prime product manager for Bayer, said. “Sivanto prime is a key component of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program that gives growers a much needed option to protect crops against a broad spectrum of damaging pests – especially those that are exhibiting resistance to other insecticides.”

Sivanto prime’s key role is to control neonicotinoid-resistant aphids and whiteflies and target key damaging pests at multiple stages of life all while having little adverse impact on beneficial insects.

“Thanks to its strong feeding-cessation characteristics, Sivanto prime helps prevent direct feeding damage to plants, which helps minimize diseases vectored by insect carriers,” Rittemann said. “In high-value crops, quality is often just as important as yield when it comes to marketability, if not even more.”

In the next two years, Bayer hopes to get the MRLs established for Sivanto prime in Australia, the European Union, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan.

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