USDA report confirms food is safe from pesticides

A USDA study showed 99 percent of the food tested below allowable pesticide residue levels.  | File photo

America’s food has tested safe from pesticides according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s 24th Annual Pesticide Data Program (PDP) Report.

“Today’s consumers can choose from food produced with a variety of farming methods and necessary crop protection strategies and be confident that it will sustain and enrich their families’ lives,” Jay Vroom, president and CEO of CropLife America, said. “Across the nation, our growers continue to use the most advanced crop protection technology available to target specific crop threats. From precision agriculture to integrated pest management, farmers in the heartland, the plains, coastal areas and everywhere in between are pushing forward with the best ways to produce food for their communities and for the country.”

The researchers tested 10,619 samples of fruit, vegetables, oats, rice, infant formula and salmon from all over the country. The end result was 99 percent of the food tested below allowable pesticide residue levels. 

“With rapid advancements in computing technology, the space for developing new ways to fight agricultural threats is increasing exponentially,” Janet Collins, senior vice president of science and regulatory affairs at CropLife America, said. “Consumers have a number of options at the grocery store, thanks in large part to the work of the scientific community involved in research and development, the companies that are manufacturing products, and America’s farmers and ranchers. The 2014 PDP report demonstrates again that, with the sound science-based regulation of pesticides and commitment from the industry, farmers and other stakeholders, we can reach toward making sure that every American, no matter their wallet size or geographic location, can access healthy food.”

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