Active Pyraflufen approved for pre-seed burndown

The new products are especially formulated to control volunteer glyphosate-tolerant canola. | File photo

Pyraflufen, a novel new Group 14 active ingredient, has been approved for pre-seed burndown for pulses, cereals and soybeans grown in Western Canada. 

The ingredient is now available in two new products from Nufarm Agriculture Inc. – in a pre-formulation in BlackHawk and in new GoldWing herbicides sold exclusively to farmers in Western Canada

“Pre-seed burndown applications are a critical component of successful weed management programs,” Graham Collier, Nufarm's technical services manager for Western Canada, said. "Research has proven that early, enhanced weed control improves the yield potential of a crop by eliminating the competition for vital resources. Adding a brand new molecule in pyraflufen to our pre-seed burndown portfolio will provide Prairie growers with an exciting new set of tools to manage their specific weed challenges in all of their crops – including herbicide-resistant weeds.”

The new products are especially formulated to control volunteer glyphosate-tolerant canola, and Group 2 and 9-resistant kochia, the weeds farmers have the most trouble controlling.

“Glyphosate alone is not enough to control volunteer canola and kochia, and the risk of new glyphosate-resistant weeds developing in Western Canada is very real,” Collier said. “Growers need to protect the viability of their glyphosate and glyphosate-tolerant crops through the use of effective burndown additives that carry with them a reduced risk of resistance development over current Group 2 options"

Both products will be available in bulk with BlackHawk in 320-acre drums and GoldWing in 640-acre drums.

“Farmers are always looking for efficiencies in their operations, and our new bulk sizing will work seamlessly with their existing bulk glyphosate usage,” Nufarm Western Marketing Manager Roger Rotariu said.

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