Alta Seeds introduces new brachytic hybrids

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Alta Seeds has introduced new hybrids with the unique brachytic dwarf trait that offer early maturity for greater versatility.

This opens up a number of options for growers including planting in areas with shorter growing seasons, double-cropping, and replacing failed corn planting.

The brachytic dwarf trait reduces the distance between leaves (internodes) on a sorghum plant, resulting in a short, stout plant that stands well and produces yields equal to taller plants. The new, quicker-maturing brachytic forages from Alta Seeds also feature the Brown Midrib 6 trait (BMR-6) for nutritional analysis equal to or greater than corn silage.

Headed by Vicente Trucillo and his breeding team, the company developed the brachytic dwarf BMR forages for commercial use in the United States and Argentina. Advanta has more than 20 breeding locations and labs around the world that are working to develop the hybrids represented in the Alta Seeds product portfolio.

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