Chief partners with Syngenta, provides rebates to Enogen corn farmers

Chief partners with Syngenta, provides rebates to Enogen corn farmers | Courtesy of
Chief technology, along with Ethanol Grain Quality Solution, recently partnered with Syngenta and announced that they will be offering new equipment rebates to people who grow Enogen corn from Syngenta.

These rebates will be applicable to grain bins as well as other equipment purchased from Chief Agri/Industrial Division.

“Grain quality requires attention to detail,” Roger Townsend, president of Chief Agri/Industrial Division, said. “The goal should be to minimize quality deterioration at each step of production and during postharvest. We look forward to working with Enogen growers to help them maximize grain quality and return on investment.”

Because the rebates will give growers better access to Chief equipment and grain bins, this move allows Chief technology to offer ethanol plants with higher quantities of high-quality grain. Now the farmers can better fulfill the stewardship protocols of Enogen.

“Corn is the single biggest input cost for an ethanol plant, and ethanol yield per bushel is one of the biggest drivers of plant profitability,” Guy Hartwig, head of Enogen grain operations at Syngenta, said. “Increasingly, ethanol plants are seeking not just clean, dry corn with little or no damage and foreign material, but also grain with quality characteristics that can maximize ethanol production per bushel, including more accessible starch. Chief’s industry-leading grain-handling technology and best-in-class customer service will help Enogen growers maximize profitability, while helping to support the ethanol industry.”

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