Bee vectoring could change pesticides industry

Bee Vectoring Technologies (BVT) International Inc is working toward an innovative inoculum dispenser system that can be used instead of harmful chemical pesticides.

BVT has been working on their inoculum dispenser system for 15 years. It is built into the lid of commercial bumblebee hives and contains a powered form of the inoculant crop control and a mixture of products that allows the bees to pick up the product on the way out of the hive.

“BVT enables crop control through pollination without the adverse consequences of spraying chemicals,” Michael Collinson, president and CEO of Bee Vectoring Technologies, said. “BVT was established with a view to providing effective protection of flowers against disease organisms and insect pests, which is critical for achieving high yield and quality in many crops.”

Bees are used to pollinate 99 percent of greenhouses and has an impact on 70 percent of everything eaten in the United States. 

“We have intellectual property rights and patents pending on three principal issues: the delivery system which is the hardware, the powder, which is the vectorite, and our own bio control which we call CR7,” Collinson said. “The complete system increases yield, produces higher quality product and increases and improves shelf life without the use of chemicals and water. The result is going to be better for the environment.”

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