ENN Ecology Holding announces glufosinate project

ENN Ecology Holding announces glufosinate project.
ENN Ecology Holding announces glufosinate project.
Chinese company ENN Ecology Holding Ltd. has announced the start of its annual 1,000-ton glufosinate project.

The company’s wholly owned subsidiary Hebei Veyong Biochemical Pesticide Ltd. made an investment of 255 million (Yuan) for the glufosinate project.

The new 1000-ton capacity will be built on the same site as Veyong’s annual 450-ton glufosinate production capacity which is currently in operation. The project, and it’s location on Veyong’s existing facilities, are of importance because it utilizes resources and upgrades the value of the current technology. It is also important to the benefit of the product mix and the future strategic development of the subsidiary company.

China currently has many glufosinate projects in the works or soon to be developed. Some of these projects include Yonon’s annual 2500-ton technical capacity and the annual 5000-ton project, planned for some time next year. Lier Chemical has an annual 1600-ton glufosinate technical capacity and there are plans for a 2000-ton glufosinate project at its Guang’an Base in 2016. Also expected in the near future are Jiangsu Huangma’s annual 500-ton glufosinate technical capacity and Huifeng Agrochemical’s annual 5000-ton glufosinate technical capacity.