Anuvia Plant Nutrients' CEO charts course with innovative product

Anuvia Plant Nutrients
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Anuvia Plant Nutrients, a plant nutrient company based in Zellwood, Fla., is focused on a new, innovative way of manufacturing an enhanced efficiency fertilizer for the turf and agricultural industries.

Anuvia recently appointed Amy Yoder as CEO. Yoder is a 20-year veteran of the agricultural industry, having held a variety of sales, marketing and executive positions in the crop protection and fertilizer industries. Most recently she served as CEO of Arysta LifeScience. 

Yoder spoke with Crop Protection News about her goals for Anuvia and what the company brings to the agriculture industry. 

CPN: What makes Anuvia the right fit for you? 
Yoder: Throughout my career, I’ve seen a multitude of changes within the agriculture industry. However, I feel that Anuvia’s product and the way we make our product is truly unique. We produce enhanced efficiency fertilizer (EEF) that helps the industry meet key environmental initiatives related to a more effective use of plant nutrients. We create a circular environment by utilizing a variety of organic resources to produce a high efficiency plant nutrient product. For me personally, Anuvia compliments my years of experience in the agricultural industry and allows me to introduce a product that is unique to the market place. Our name says it all – we have a new way of doing things and that is exciting!

CPN: What is special about Anuvia's fertilizers?
Yoder: Anuvia has developed a new way to deliver slow release qualities without the use of coatings or polymers. We utilize an organic matrix to bind and release nutrients and it is this method that is novel and unique to Anuvia.

CPN: Is Anuvia on the right track moving forward?
Yoder: Absolutely! The growing world population places greater demands on food, fiber and fuel production requiring improved resource management, utilization and optimization. We meet an important need for agriculture and society.

The manufacturing process used by Anuvia produces a desirable, high-quality end product that will meet the current needs of the plant nutrient industry while providing an environmentally positive impact.

CPN: How can Anuvia help farmers?
Yoder: In today’s world, farmers are very progressive and they are quick to adopt new improvements in technology; they want to have products that improve their production while being sustainable. Our product, a slow release fertilizer, will help farmers deliver nutrients to the crop in an effective and efficient manner. This in turn translates into better economics for today’s farmers.

The organic matrix we use provides a unique binding mechanism creating a homogenous product with a natural release mechanism, which has been perfected in nature. Anuvia provides a convenient outlet for organic materials and utilizes them to produce this desirable, high-efficiency plant nutrient with broad utility in the marketplace. The product is a high quality granular and can be blended easily within a farmer’s current dry fertilizer program, thus allowing him or her to get an extended release of key nutrients for their cropping programs.

CPN: What are your goals for the company's future?
Yoder: Over the course of the next year, we’re looking forward to opening our first production facility in Zellwood, Fla. We desire to establish our product as the best way to deliver nutrients to plants while also addressing sustainability. Once this performance is established, we’ll start examining the next steps for our company and its growth projection. 

We currently have three additional production facilities in the planning stages to be added in 2017 and 2018.