Solvay opens largest Alkoxylation plant in Asia

Solvay today opened a new alkoxylation plant in Singapore. This plant, the largest plant of its kind in Asia, exists as part of global strategy to expand the growth of its specialty surfactants.
“We are delighted to have companies like Solvay who continue to invest in Singapore’s chemical industry. Their new facility attests to Singapore’s attractiveness as a location for companies looking to capture growth opportunities in the region,” said Cindy Koh, Director, Energy & Chemicals, Singapore Economic Development Board.
Located in the world-class integrated petrochemical hub of Jurong Island, the plant
receives a key raw material, ethylene oxide via a dedicated pipeline, and fatty oleochemicals from nearby countries. In every way, this provides a safe and sustainable source of supply in the long term.
The plant also bolsters Solvay’s competitive position in the region. Ensuring
the development of alkoxylate solutions for customers. These customers being by strong technical teams from the R&I center located near the plant.
"Reinforcing our presence in fast growing countries and proposing innovative solutions to our customers in our key strategic market segments in the region are the key principles driving Solvay Novecare today. The addition of this new asset in Singapore continues the execution of this strategy and will be pivotal to Solvay’s growth strategy," Emmanuel Butstraen, President of Solvay Novecare, said.
The plant opening works in tandem with Solvay’s announcement of its expansion of the oil and gas research lab unit which they placed at their research and innovation center in Singapore.