Limagrain introduces craft-specific barley grains

Limagrain Cereal Seeds (LCS) debuted its LCS Genie barley grains bred specifically for the needs of craft brewing industry, the company announced Wednesday.

The barley was first used by 14 craft brewers during the Acres to Ales Tap Takeover in Colorado. Attendees were able to taste small batches of beer created with the LCS barley.

"Nationwide, there is an enthusiasm shared by the craft industry to develop state and local supply chains for malt and hops," LCS Marketing Manager Zach Gaines said. "Colorado is there, and the Acres to Ales logo will allow consumers to identify beers that can be tied back to Colorado farmers."

The company explained that Colorado farmers grow the barley grains that are shipped to local maltsters who later send the malted barley for use by the brewers. This strain of barley is based off European-bred barley that is often where craft brewers source their grains.

"Our barley not only has to satisfy the needs of each part of the supply chain, it should also provide something better than what craft brewers have worked with in the past," Limagrain U.K. barley breeder and geneticist Mark Glew said.

For brewers, having the source of the barley allows questions and other matters to be handled at the source rather than going through several steps in supply chains.