Joint European and Indian team launches new app for crop protection

FERM and AIREA open new app for crop protection
FERM and AIREA open new app for crop protection | Courtesy of
The Federation of European Rice Millers (FERM) partnered with the All India Rise Exporters Association (AIREA) to launch a novel web-based app called Appryza, which is designed to support the trade of rice between Europe and India.

Unfortunately, crop-protection products are not standard around the world, and export market regulatory requirements can be difficult to meet.

“Given the complexity of today’s rules, we believe we must work increasingly closely with partners around the world to guarantee safe, high-quality rice,” FERM Secretary General Chris Downes said. “A global coordinated approach of this issue by both the rice sector and the manufacturers of plant protection products is now essential to the future trade of rice. Appryza is an important first step in meeting today’s challenges.”

Appryza seeks to solve this dilemma by offering crop protection strategies for safe, sustainable rice production in India. The app is dedicated to four major export markets: the U.S., EU, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

“Making use of modern technology, Appryza brings complex regulatory information in a simple, user-friendly way to all of us in the rice chain, from Indian farmers to EU importers,” Hank Verschoor, head of the federation’s technical work, said. “Within seconds, we can identify solutions for the global market.”