Verde announces positive TK47 results

Crops of corn and carrots that were treated with TK47, a product from Verde Potash, showed to be more resilient to pests, as well as to have increased sustainability and improved soil health, the company announced on Tuesday.

Plants are able to utilize the product as a source of potassium, and testing has shown that the product is effective in multiple aspects including: plant protection, nutrition and soil improvement. Plots that were treated with TK47 had yield increases of 5.68 percent and six percent for carrots and corn, respectively, with half of the dosage for potassium. Full potassium dosages in corn increased production by 9.32 percent.

Growth trends were present for both carrot and corn crops that were treated with TK47 and those that had a reduced amount of pesticides. In plots that were treated with the product, higher amounts of phosphorus were reported, as high as 5.7 percent in unlocked phosphates.
In order to test residual effects of TK47 on soil, corn crops were planted where the carrot plants grew, and additional fertilizers were not added. In tests, the residual potassium was sufficient for corn crops to grow without the need for additional applications. These tests were carried out by an independent team of researchers.