New Goemar headquarters consolidates company functions

Goemar dedicated its global headquarters Friday at Parc Technopolitain Atalante in Saint Malo, a walled port city on the English Channel in Brittany in northwestern France .

The environmentally designed building allows the developer of bioperformance technologies for crop production to consolidate company activities in one place, including research, production and support. Construction of the building was done by local companies and the project was supported by the Regional Council of Brittany, the General Council of Ille-et-Vilaine and Saint Malo Agglomeration.

“Being locally based in Brittany is definitely part of Goëmar’s strength, uniqueness,” said a company news release.”The natural resources of this territory allow Goëmar to develop faster. The inauguration of this Global headquarters is synonym of fertile growth, of innovation and, of course, of job creation."