FEATURED: Survey reveals herbicide resistance management remains a priority for growers

A survey sponsored by DuPont Crop Protection at the 2015 Commodity Classic revealed that herbicide resistance management continues to be a priority for corn and soybean growers Eighty-seven percent of growers surveyed said that are doing everything they can to prevent weed resistance on their farms, a 17 percent increase from the same question in a 2011 survey. Read More »

Syngenta offering 2 new products aimed at golf courses

Syngenta announced two products on Wednesday that will be made available this year that will allow for effective golf course maintenance. The two products, Appear fungicide and Heritage Action Fungicide join Ference insecticide and Velista fungicide that were introduced last year, the company states that this product line-up provides a broad regimen to protect turf health. Read More »