CNH Industrial highlights its contributions to sustainability at Milan meeting

Carlo Lambro, member to CNH Industrial's Group Executive Council and brand president for the company's New Holland Agriculture unit, highlighted development of the company’s innovative solutions that seek to accomplish long-term sustainability during a session on agriculture and food security at the International Agricultural Forum, which was held from June 4 to June 5 in Milan, Italy. Read More »

Syngenta rejects revised Monsanto acquisition proposal

Syngenta’s top executives sent a letter to shareholders and other stakeholders on Monday that said a second takeover offer from Monsanto contained the same deficiencies that caused Syngenta to reject Monsanto’s earlier proposal to buy the company for $45 billion. Syngenta Chairman Michel Demaré and CEO Mike Mack said the only change was Monsanto’s offer to pay a $2-billion reverse break-up fee to Syngenta if it were unable to obtain global regulatory approvals for an acquisition. Read More »

Botanists: Farmers should not hesitate killing tall ragweed

Purdue University botanists, in the latest Pest and Crop newsletter, urged farmers who find tall ragweed in their crops to apply herbicide before an infestation could become unmanageable. In the article, authors Bill Johnson, a professor of botany and plant pathology, and Travis Legleiter, a weed science program specialist, said post-emergent pesticides should be applied when ragweed grows to be approximately four to six inches in height. Read More »