Dow opens its largest Latin American Biotechnology Research Center

Dow AgroSciences recently opened its largest Latin American Biotechnology Research Center. The site is the only one that is capable of conducting advanced and comprehensive seed testing in the region. Tropical seeds will be researched at the complex, and research time will be reduced by two years at the center, which is expected to increase farmland productivity gains. Read More »

Botanists: Farmers should not hesitate killing tall ragweed

Purdue University botanists, in the latest Pest and Crop newsletter, urged farmers who find tall ragweed in their crops to apply herbicide before an infestation could become unmanageable. In the article, authors Bill Johnson, a professor of botany and plant pathology, and Travis Legleiter, a weed science program specialist, said post-emergent pesticides should be applied when ragweed grows to be approximately four to six inches in height. Read More »

Dow AgroSciences, Arcadia, Bioceres to develop, market soybean traits

Dow AgroSciences, LLC; Arcadia Biosciences; and Bioceres, S.A., said they have agreed to collaborate to develop and commercialize innovative traits in soybeans. The partnership leverages Dow AgroSciences’ technology, regulatory expertise and commercial seed capabilities with a foremost soybean abiotic stress platform and exclusive grower relationships in South America that are represented by Arcadia and Bioceres’ joint venture, Verdeca, LLC. Read More »