Caribou Biosciences and DuPont team up to advance genome editing platforms

DuPont and Caribou Biosciences announced Thursday they have formed an alliance in order to advance each of their CRISPR-derived genome editing technology platforms. CRISPR-Cas technology can make changes to the DNA of most organisms. The editing capability can be applied to promote drought tolerance and disease resistance in plants to increase crop yields. Read More »

MBI's Majestene wins EPA approval for nematode control

Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. (MBI) said Thursday the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved its new bionematicide,  Majestene,  for controlling nematodes (roundworms) on a wide range of agricultural crops.Majestene provides growers with a new option for controlling nematodes by preventing root galling, inhibiting eggs from hatching and reducing population density, MBI said. Read More »