Syngenta's Harvest Chasers are looking for optimum yields

Chasers identified the best-performing corn hybrids and soybean varieties in 2015. | File photo

Members of the Syngenta Harvest Chasers are going to corn and soybean growers to determine the best seed selections to achieve the best yields.

This is the second part of an initiative that began with Chasers identifying the best-performing corn hybrids and soybean varieties in 2015.

“For the second consecutive fall, the Syngenta Harvest Chasers traveled from farm to farm to speak with growers one-on-one about their experiences,” Todd McRoberts, Syngenta product development agronomy manager, said. “In a time of softening prices and extreme weather challenges, this initiative helps us gauge how well our technologies are keeping fields clean, maximizing yields and generating the greatest return on investment for our growers.”

Last year, grower Chad Render from Arkansas was able to not only save his crop from severe weather, but he had above average yields because he used NK brand for his corn and soybeans on the recommendations of the Harvest Chasers.

“I really like NK Soybeans S47-K5 and S49-F8 brands on the heavier soils, and I’m also very pleased with NK Corn hybrid N78S-3111 brand,” Render said. “From one weather extreme to the other, our NK Soybeans and NK Corn held up well. We had really nice yields, getting 70 bushels per acre for soybeans and more than 200 bushels per acre for corn. We were tickled across the board.”

Syngenta is preparing for the 2016 planting season along with its Harvest Chasers and partners.

“With the 2015 harvest season behind us, we’re looking forward to helping growers achieve the best yield possible with the right seed selection,” McRoberts said.

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