Praxidyn introduces portable chemical blending system

The Mixmate blending system is Praxidyn’s first product. | Contributed photo

Mixmate by Praxidyn is a portable, configurable, agricultural chemical blending system designed to make the mixing processes easier than ever before. 

The system allows for records to be automatically generated and is controlled with an Android tablet.

The system’s configurable design allows the farmer to have the unique combination of pumps, valves, flowmeters and scales that fit his or her individual farming and mixing needs. The Mixmate is designed to be rugged and to withstand a variety of environmental elements while still working smoothly.

All data generated by the system is automatically stored to the cloud through the Mixmate Android app to help farmers maximize their time. The app also helps the mixing process by giving farmers the option of setting up prescriptions and jobs ahead of time. The blends will then be adjusted as necessary for the real time field conditions, weed size or wind speed.

The Mixmate blending system is Praxidyn’s first product. The mixing system can be used on farms of any size.

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